Aaron Thompson’s debut

Aaron Thompson makes his big league debut today as Kevin Correia’s injury has necessitated another spot start. Thompson was a first round draft pick of the Marlins in 2005, later traded to the Nationals and claimed off of waivers by the Pirates this winter. He has spent most of this year in Altoona and has not been very good there. He did start the season off fairly strong and he’s made three good appearances in Indianapolis. Maybe he’ll do that thing that happens to the Pirates all the time, when some lightly regarded guy shows up to make a start and the other team is completely unprepared and doesn’t take him seriously and just get completely shut down. Either way, I doubt he’s got more than about three innings in him.

Shaun Marcum goes for the Brewers. A win gets the Pirates an improbable split. First pitch today is at 12:35. 

Pat Lackey

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