AJ Burnett signs with the Phillies

The requisite information, which originally came from an Arkansas TV reporter:

Honestly? I'm just happy this is all over with.

As I've said before, I would've liked to see Burnett back in a Pirate uniform, but at the same time, geez, $16 million for a 37-year old feels like a move that would be pretty dangerous for the Pirates to make. I'm sure the financial aspect of this will be discussed repeatedly until there's actual baseball to talk about, which is thankfully coming soon. 

Anyway, this means that Edinson Volquez has a firm lock on the fifth starter's job. I will probably spend the rest of February and March wondering/writing about if there's any chance he'll be a decent pitcher or if there's any chance Stolmy Pimentel can steal the last starter's spot from him. 

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