An afternoon makeup game

The Pirates and Mets revisit their silly feud from earlier this season where Carlos Beltran whined about getting thumped by the Pirates, Adam LaRoche took offense, and Beltran laughed at him. Today at 12:35, they make up the game rained out in that series in a one-shot series before the Pirates jet to Miami for a weekend series with the Marlins.

Paul Maholm gets the start for the Bucs and Brandon Moss and Freddy Sanchez are getting their regularly prescribed JR off-day, which means Ramon Vasquez, Garrett Jones, and Delwyn Young are all in the lineup. This lineup probably offends Gene Collier so deeply that I imagine he’s off screaming at someone who probably doesn’t deserve it.

UPDATE: Lotsa rain, but I’m sure they’ll play this one eventually. Until then, enjoy this video of at least two of the Pirates’ three Taiwanese signings today.

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