An AJ Burnett update

It's been over a week since AJ Burnett announced his vague plans to return to baseball in 2014, and we still have no idea where he's going to pitch. Ruben Amaro Jr. told CSN Philadelphia that the Phillies are unlikely to sign Burnett, while Roch Kubatko of MASN says that the Orioles are unlikely to sign Burnett because he wants to pitch in the National League. 

The possibilty has existed since the beginning of this process that Burnett saying he would consider other teams was more of a negotiating ploy with the Pirates than anything else. Obviously this sort of news (namely that he appears to be telling the Orioles that he's not that interested) seems like it might point in that direction, even if it should obviously be taken with a grain of salt.

I want to say that we should just sit back and that it'll be over soon, but at this point I've been saying that since early November and now it's February.

Hat-tip: MLB Trade Rumors

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