Another shot at Marquis

AJ Burnett goes for the Pirates tonight. I want to say that he’s been pretty shaky since he nearly threw back-to-back complete games in late July/early August, but that’s not entirely true. In his two starts since the Reds’ series, he’s getting hit hard at a .296/.367/.574 pace, which has given him a 7.30 ERA in those two starts. Still, he’s also struck out 17 hitters and walked just three in 12 1/3 innings over those two starts. I’m not really sure what to make of this at all, to be honest. His start against the Dodgers last week was pretty decent, except that Clint Hurdle kept him on the mound an inning too long. Hopefully, being in Petco does some good for him and he can get back on track after being hit pretty hard the last two times out. 

Of course, one of those two bad starts came against this very Padre team and the same starter he’s facing tonight; Jason Marquis. Marquis nearly no-hit the Pirates back on August 11 on his way to a two-hit shutout. In his one start since then, the Braves rocked him for eight hits, three homers, and six runs in 4 2/3 innings. I’d like to see the Pirates do that to Marquis tonight. If only because I’m terrified of the bullpen right now. 

First pitch tonight is at 10:05. 

Pat Lackey

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