BBA Awards: Stan Musial

The Baseball Bloggers Association is conducting their post-season awards voting. Today, the Stan Musial Award, given to the most valuable players of 2010 as determined by the BBA, will be announced. The four blogs in the Pittsburgh chapter have elected to do our own chapter voting, then to submit our two ballots to the BBA based on our own consensus. Because transparency is an important part of the BBA awards voting process, it’s my duty as president of the Pittsburgh chapter to post both my votes and the ballots that we submitted to the BBA in advance of Tuesday’s deadline:

OK, so I used my Pittsburgh chapter Stan Musial ballot as the base for the official submitted ballots, which means that I don’t remember exactly what my ballot was. I can tell you for certain that it’s very close to the two official ballots submitted to the BBA by our chapter which, as always, were compiled with individual ballots submitted by myself, Jim from North Side NotchBrian from Raise the Jolly Roger, and Tom from Rum Bunter that were then tallied to create the two official Pittsburgh ballots. So here’s what we submitted:

1.) Joey Votto
2.) Albert Pujols
3.) Roy Halladay
4.) Ryan Zimmerman
5.) Adrian Gonzalez
6.) Troy Tulowitzki
7.) Matt Holliday
8.) Aubrey Huff
9.) Carlos Gonzalez
10.) Josh Johnson

Like I did on my Walter Johnson ballot, I had Ubaldo Jiminez instead of Johnson and I actually rounded out my top 10 with Rickie Weeks instead of Adrian Gonzalez (second basemen never get any love in MVP voting and Weeks was awesome this year, Gonzalez was very good, but not nearly as good as some other first basemen on this list for me), but other than, my ballot was about the same. One thing the entire Pittsburgh chapter agreed one was Joey Votto at the top, who was the best hitter by a good measure on the league’s best offensive team. I honestly think I would’ve voted for Tulowitzki had he not been hurt (he only played 122 games and I had him behind Pujols on my own ballot), but I suspect that he’ll earn one of these awards in his own right within the next couple years.

Anyways, a huge thanks to my fellow Pirate bloggers for their help with the Awards voting, and as always I’d like to put in a ginormous thank you to Daniel and the BBA for doing the real hard work behind the scenes on this thing and tirelessly promoting baseball blogs all year long.

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