Bill Brink: Jason Grilli will not need surgery, still could miss 4-8 weeks

We've finally got more concrete news on Jason Grilli's elbow. This is what the Post Gazette's Bill Brink just shared on Twitter: 

This is pretty much the best news that the Pirates could've hoped for, I think. No surgery or torn ligaments, and a potential return for the end of the regular season and/or the playoffs. 

That being said, I don't have a whole lot of faith in Bryan Morris or Vin Mazzaro pitching high-leverage innings right now. A month isn't the whole season, but it is still a month that the Pirates have to navigate with Mark Melancon, Justin Wilson, and crossed fingers. It seems pretty likely to me that the Pirates are going to go looking for bullpen help in the next week, if they weren't planning on it already.

Pat Lackey

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