Brian Wilson signs with the Dodgers, and other

Brian Wilson has signed a minor league deal with the Dodgers, so he's no longer an option for the Pirates. I'd still like to see the Pirates get relief help from elsewhere, but given Wilson's recent injury history and general shenanigans, I'm fine that it's not him. As I've said in the past, if they trade for a starter, Morton or Cole would probably make a fine addition to the bullpen.

Meanwhile, John Perrotto said that the Pirates and White Sox discussed the "parameters" of Jake Peavy and Alexi Ramirez for Jameson Taillon and Alex Dickerson trade. I seriously doubt that that specific trade would happen (so does Perrotto, actually), but I do think that his comment that Taillon may no longer be untouchable because of Glasnow is an interesting idea to think about. If the Pirates were to trade Taillon, they'd certainly want more than Peavy and Ramirez, but dangling Taillon would open up an entirely new world of options. 

On that front, here's a fun idea to think about: Jon Morosi and Ken Rosenthal are saying that the Rangers are willing to listen on "anyone," including Elvis Andrus. Andrus obviously isn't the bat the Pirates need right now (and this is the sort of thought for the winter and not the deadline), but man, the Pirates and Rangers could pull off some kind of crazy mega deal given their respective farm systems.

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