Bud Norris scratched from start, Jeff Passan says he could be headed to Pittsburgh

Bud Norris has been scratched from his start by the Astros tonight, and Jeff Passan just relayed this on Twitter:  

It's not clear to me whether or not Passan has knowledge of a potential trade, or if he's just spitballing based on a look at the Pirates' system and what the Astros might be interested in. He says the Pirates won't give up Polanco (duh), but that "Houston does like Glasnow." Frankly, you'd be pretty stupid not to like Glasnow at this point, because 6'7" righties that strike out 128 hitters in 92 1/3 innings at the age of 19 in full-season ball are pretty rare. 

Anyway, it seems clear that there's no deal that's imminent, so for now let's not try to freak out and just see how things play out this afternoon. 

UPDATE: I should add: Glasnow for Norris isn't the sort of trade I'd expect Neal Huntington to be making given his trade history, for all sorts of reasons. I think Norris is interesting, but as more of a project than as in-season rotation depth and certainly not for someone like Glasnow. I'm guessing if Norris does end up on the Pirates, it won't be for Glasnow, but as I said above, let's wait until we know more before worrying too much about this.

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