Can we just go ahead and call you ‘Jason Michaels’ to avoid confusion?

You likely saw that the Pirates signed Craig Monroe to a minor league deal today. A couple of years back, I seem to recall DL was interested in Craig Monroe for the Jeromy Burntiz type off-season signing, but Monroe’s fallen off the face of the planet since then and I doubt this move is to do more than replace Jason Michaels on the bench. I mean, let’s look at their stats from 2008

  • Monroe: .202/.274/.405, 8 HR, 9 2B in 179 PAs
  • Michaels (with the Pirates): .228/.300/.382, 8 HR, 9 2B in 254 PAs

Michaels’ OPS+ with the Pirates was 82, Monroe’s with the Twins was 83. If Huntington set out to find a more similar player to Michaels last year, I’m not sure he could’ve found one. We’ve got the new Rivas and the new Michaels. So who gets to take Obi-Wan’s place?

Pat Lackey

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