Dave Kerwin strikes again!

Remember when Ryan Braun was whining about being beaned by Jeff Karstens? Do you remember who he blamed for the incident? It wasn’t Jeff Karstens, it was Joe Kerrigan. And no one could possibly forget Jason Kendall’s insane, angered rantings directed towards Karstens after the bench-clear brawl between the same two clubs last month. So despite both Matt Capps and Albert Pujols calling Capps’ beaning of Pujols unintentional (while both admitting that it “looked bad”), who does Tony La Russa blame for the incident? Yeah, you guessed it. From today’s PG Notebook:

“I think the umpire read it exactly right. I think it was an intentional hit,” La Russa said. “And there’s no doubt in my mind it came from the bench. I really believe it didn’t come from the manager. Don’t ask me to expound on that. That’s my comment.”

I really hope Kerrigan’s back next year. It’s awesome having a coach that so many other teams hate so much.

Pat Lackey

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