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I’m packing up the car and headed back to the ol’ Shenango Valley this afternoon, so I’m not going to be around to post much today. In terms of the Glossary, it’s getting pretty close to finished but I had an internet malfunction last night and couldn’t get as much work done on it as I wanted. Lesson: never promise anything on a timescale when Time Warner might get involved.

Anyways, I’ll be spending most of the day in the car thinking of what I’m thankful for as a Pirate fan, but while I’m doing that I’ve got some links.

Baseball America ranks the Pirates’ top 10 prospects. They’re 70% Neal Huntington, 20% Dave Littlefield, and 10% Rene Gayo (I refuse to give Littlefield credit for Starling Marte since he spent most of his time not giving Gayo enough of a budget to do anything impactful). Seriously, this list has more potential on it than I ever remember seeing.

David Chalk and Bugs and Cranks makes good points about the Pirates’ payroll.

Tim at BUCCO Fans is nearing the end of his Top 50 prospects countdown. Speaking of which, I’m doing my pitchers list just as soon as I finish the glossary.  Can anyone tell me how to rank Donnie Veal?

I should have some time to get these things done while I’m at home this week, because other than Thanksgiving, the only thing that’s taking my time up this week is the Gobble Wobble. Do you live anywhere near Mercer County? Come to the Gobble Wobble and there’s a good chance that your favorite Pirate blogger will actually register you for the race. With a blinding hangover.

Quick correction on something I wrote last Friday: the Pirates can’t outright Robinzon Diaz to the minors because he’s got too much Major League experience. So they’ll try to trade him in the next five days, but more than likely he’s going to be granted his release. In that caze, farewell Robinzon, I zhall mizz you and the z’z in your lazt name (link: Jen Langosch’s blog).

All I’m saying is that the Duquesne Dukes are 3-0 and I don’t think Pitt is going to crush them this year.


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