Early morning news bits

Looks like the Pirates will avoid arbitration with Nate McLouth after all. The hearing was scheduled for today, but the Pirates inked McLouth to a three-year deal with an option for #4 earlier this morning. That’s all of his arbitration years with the potential to go plus one. I’m curious to see what terms finally got McLouth to sign, but deals like this are usually good ideas for teams.

Meanwhile, you might’ve seen Jerry Crasnick mention that the Pirates are one of the clubs interested in Will Ohman and wondered what was up with that, given the Pirates’ already-existing slant towards the left side of the bullpen and the crowded bullpen situation that already exists. DK, who’s clearly still working the phones during his convalescence, explains that a trade could be in the offing:

The Pirates will be much more interested in Ohman than they are now if they can pull off a trade. I do not know precisely which trade, but one involving John Grabow is an excellent bet.


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