Eric Hinske traded to the Yankees

I have to run to a seminar, but DK is reporting that the Pirates shipped Eric Hinske to the Yankees this morning for Eric Fryer and Casey Erickson, with Garret Jones replacing Hinske in Pittsburgh (minor league stats at the links). I’ll try to add some more to this later.

UPDATE: This isn’t a bad deal for us. I think Jones and Hinske are basically a wash, and while Fryer and Erickson aren’t prospects, Fryer did kill the ball in the Sally League last year (as a 22-year-old, which is a year old for that level), and Erickson has good K/BB levels, but gives up a ton of hits. You’re not getting real prospects in return for Hinske, so if Huntington sees anything at all in these guys that intrigue him, it’s not a bad deal.

Pat Lackey

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