Erik Bedard look good today (and other stray observations

This is a little late, but here are my observations from this afternoon’s Pirates/Twins broadcast:

  • As everyone’s already said, Erik Bedard looked quite good. He seemed to be locating the ball well and he was changing speeds nicely. The stat line was great, but that’s not really all that important early in the spring. 
  • Casey McGehee absolutely pounded a couple of balls today, including a double that very nearly cleared McKecnhie’s left-center field fence. 
  • Rod Barajas also hit a couple balls very hard, including a double that he turned on and ripped down the line. He’s also maybe the slowest human being alive, getting through out at the plate from second base on McGehee’s double.
  • Nate McLouth’s put in some good swings in both spring training games I’ve seen this year.
  • Gorkys Hernandez has put in some awful swings in both spring training games I’ve seen this year.
  • Joel Hanrahan’s slider looks like it’s in mid-season form.
  • I wasn’t watching closely by the time Jo-Jo Reyes got in, but it looked like he got hit awfully hard in his three innings.
  • Clint Hudle seemed awfully pleased by the progress of the offense this spring. I mean, of course he’s going to say that, but still, he seems pleased. 

Tomorrow, Kevin Correia gets the start. With Charlie Morton seemingly healthy and AJ Burnett on the road to recovery, he’s got a short amount of time to prove that he can help the team in the rotation in 2012. 

Pat Lackey

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