Fall and winter baseball update

Time to catch up with the various Pirates still playing baseball across the Western Hemisphere.

In the Arizona Fall League, Jose Tabata is killing the ball, hitting .333/.429/.542 with a double and two triples in six games. Brian Friday and Chase D’Arnaud are hitting terribly, but Donnie Veal has thrown five innings, allowing just one earned run on two hits to go with five strikeouts and (most importantly) no walks. Danny Moskos is also pitching well. Tony Watson has also made a couple of nice appearances.

In Mexico, Brian Bixler is off to a Bixleresque start with a .267/.327/.289 line with 15 strikeouts in 48 plate appearances. His teammate Rogelio Noris has made what seems to be one appearance as a defensive replacement.

In Venezuela, Neil Walker’s bat has cooled off to .233/.343/.433, though I guess his five walks are a little encouraging. Gorkys Hernandez is still hitting well, though, with a huge .455 OBP that hilariously dwarfs his .385 slugging percentage. He’s got that line because of six singles, two doubles, and six walks through eight games. Argenis Diaz has also cooled off after a hot start, dropping to .250/.318/.275 through 11 games. Ronny Cedeno, Ronald Uviedo, and Exicardo Cayonez are all yet to play.

In the Dominican, Robinzon Diaz is off to a hot start in limited action, hitting .467/.500/.600, though he’s only appeared in four of his team’s six games. Starling Marte has also starting playing, though he’s currently just 1-for-5 in three games, giving him a .200/.200/.200 line.

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