First to 50: Links for a Sunday

The Pirates are the first team to 50 wins in all of baseball for the first time since 1960. Here are some morning links before Sunday's game post goes up. 

Wandy Rodriguez threw his bullpen session yesterday and it did not go well. He's still bothered by the forearm tightness that put him on the disabled list at the beginning of the month and is going to be reevaluated by the medical staff. This all sounds pretty worrisome to me. James McDonald is going to Texas to have his shoulder problems evaluated after his rehab starts went really poorly. It's too early to say anything about either injury, but we should know more soon. Gerrit Cole probably isn't going anywhere for a while. 

Christina Kahrl writes about the Pirates' sprint to 50 wins and their right field problems at ESPN's SweetSpot blog. 

I liked these Clint Hurdle quotes from yesterday. 

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