Francisco Liriano looks to keep the Pirates in first place

The first three games of this four-game set with the Cubs have gone quite well for the Pirates, except that all of the games have been awfully close. Today, they try to take three of four from the Cubs to run their recent hot streak to six of seven in total. Of course, a win would also keep them at least tied for first place in the NL Central, which is the obvious goal here. 

Francisco Liriano goes for the Bucs today, and he'll try to keep up his virtually invincible streak at PNC Park. Travis Wood goes for the Cubs, and Wood's been awfully good this year. He's made two good starts against the Pirates this year. Gaby Sanchez gets the start at first since Wood is a lefty, but Neil Walker will start at second since he's got some kind of small sample size success against lefties over the last couple of weeks. 

First pitch today is at 1:35.

Pat Lackey

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