Friday afternoon reading

It’s Friday afternoon. It’s hot out. You haven’t actually done anything at work all week because the Fourth of July came on a Wednesday, and that just messed everything up. You’re counting down the hours to the weekend by reading every single thing about the Pittsburgh Pirates you can possibly get your hands on. I am here to help you. 

ESPN’s DJ Gallo gives a bandwagon guide to the Pirates, for anyone that needs it. And if you don’t it’s a pretty funny read. 

More on the Alen Hanson front: Baseball America puts Hanson on the top of today’s prospect hot sheet, emphasizes that they think his breakout is for real, and actually use the phrase, “While Sano is still the better prospect, Hanson has narrowed the gap considerably.” 

At Grantland, Jonah Keri looks at the trade deadline, notes that Neal Huntington has been the most active GM in the Majors in June and July since taking over, considers how the new CBA’s conditions favor buyers at the deadline, and posits that the Pirates may be looking for someone “siginificantly more interesting than Derrek Lee.” 

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