Game 101: Giants 1 Pirates 0

Zach Duke must be getting pretty tired of going out on the mound, pitching well, and not getting any run support at all. He tossed seven shutout innings today and got a no-decision because Matt Cain held the Pirates to three hits over nine innings, then the Giants scored against Matt Capps in the bottom of the tenth.

Which is to say that the first game of the post-Jack Wilson era in Pittsburgh went mostly like the 1159 games that preceded it and did involve Wilson.

Not much else to say about another loss with a complete lack of offense. I’m going to do a round-up post on the Wilson trade in a bit and I’m keeping an eye on the Sanchez news, of course. From the looks of things, we’re going to have more to talk about before this evening’s out.

Pat Lackey

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