Game 102: Pirates 7 Marlins 4

14 hits, six with runners in scoring position, four from Mike McKenry. That's certainly one way to follow up a shutout loss. Everyone that follows the Pirates knows about their woes with runners on base, but on Saturday night they strung together hit after hit after hit with runners on, overwhelming a Marlin team that tried to mount a comeback against a less-than-sharp Charlie Morton. 

The bullpen was awfully good backing Morton up, with Justin Wilson, Bryan Morris, Tony Watson, and Mark Melancon shutting the Marlins out for the last four innings. In addition to McKenry's four hits and two RBIs, Neil Walker and three hits and drove two runs in, while Garrett Jones had two hits and two RBIs. Starling Marte and Walker both scored twice. 

Jose Fernandez and Gerrit Cole in 13 hours. You should be excited.

Pat Lackey

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