Game 123: Phillies 4 Pirates 1

Internal monologue during the top of the tenth inning

Optimistic Pat: Extra innings? What if this goes on forever? Trivia’s at ten, I might miss something really awesome.

Realistic Pat: Well, Chavez and Hanrahan both pitched already and we have to bring a new pitcher in. Who’s next in line? Matt Capps?

Steven Jackson enters the game.

Realistic Pat: See! This game’s going ten, eleven innings tops.

Optimistic Pat: Jackson hasn’t been that bad this year!

Jackson puts the first two runners on base.

Optimistic Pat: Crap.

Phil Dumatrait enters the game.

Realistic Pat: Do I need to say it?

Optimistic Pat: No.

Ryan Howard bombs a three-run homer and the Pirates eventually lose 4-1.

Pat Lackey

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