Game 127: Pirates 10 Giants 5

It's awfully late (or early, whatever), so let's limit this recap to this: 

Jose Tabata got on base four times, scored twice, and drove in three runs. Those three runs were the bases-loaded double/exclamation point that turned a 3-3 game in the top of the fifth inning into a route. Andrew McCutchen had two hits and drew two walks. Pedro Alvarez had two doubles and two RBIs, and he would've doubled that RBI total if both of is doubles hadn't bounced over the fence. Garrett Jones and Jordy Mercer homered.Every Pirates starter drove in a run except for Neil Walker and Jeff Locke. 

And Jeff Locke. That's why this one isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Locke was struggling enough that I thought that you could've made a case to pull him after the third inning. He came out for the fourth with a 3-1 lead and that inning nearly ended with the Giants ahead, if not for a diving grab of a line drive by Gaby Sanchez. He was bad enough in the third and the fourth that Clint Hurdle pulled him after four innings, even though he had a seven-run lead. He was good enough for the Pirates to win tonight, but that mostly had to do with the Pirates' offense and the poor Giants' pitching. I honestly think that the Pirates should think about plugging either Jeanmar Gomez (who was excellent tonight in three innings of near-perfect releif work, allowing just one walk) or Brandon Cumpton in for a start the next time through the rotation.

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