Game 128: Brewers 4 Pirates 1

Nothing quite like a trip to Milwaukee to put a damper on a streak of good baseball, eh? Ross Ohlendorf showed what was his best velocity of the year today (his fastball averaged 94 and topped out at 97), but the Brewers made the most of the five hits and two walks he surrendered, pushing four runs across in his six innings. As I wrote last week when looking at Ohlendorf’s velocity change, I thought that his low ERA of late had been a little lucky, so I guess it’s only fair that he was a little unlucky today in his inability to scatter the hits he allowed. His second transformation of the year is just as remarkable as his first, though. Today, he only got three groundouts to go with nine flyouts; an incredible departure from the sinkerballer that we saw earlier in the year. It’s like he’s two different pitchers.

As for the rest of the game, we certainly had our chances against Suppan but only pushing one run across (on a homer, no less) when the guy gave up six hits and three walks in six innings is surely not going to get things done. I thought there were some good things that happened in this series (which I’ll write more about later), but getting swept is still pretty disappointing.

Pat Lackey

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