Game 12whatever: Cardinals 10 Pirates 2

This is life as a Pirate fan/graduate student: I stayed in lab until 6:45 tonight to finish up an experiment that didn’t work at all. Got on the bus and thought to myself, “Well, Ohlendorf’s pitching tonight so at least the Pirate game will be worth watching.” It’s a half-hour bus-ride home, though, so the game was already in progress by the time I got in to my apartment. I came in around 7:10, turned the game on, and Ohlendorf was already out of the game with arm problems.

“Well, that sounds awfully ominous,” I thought to myself. “But hey, Sean Gallagher’s been pretty OK with the Pirates. Maybe he’ll do something worth watching.” A pitch later, it was 3-0. Well, that’s great. Despite Jose Tabata’s three hits, the Pirates scored just twice off of Kyle Lohse and company thanks to a Neil Walker triple and a long Garrett Jones homer. It’s been that kind of season.

Pat Lackey

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