Game 132: Pirates 14 Cubs 7

Now this is something I could get used to. Andrew McCutchen and Jose Tabata had three hits and Neil Walker had four. When the top of your lineup bunches hits together it’s almost impossible not to score in droves. The Pirates certainly managed to do so tonight with McCutchen scoring twice and Tabata and Walker scoring three times as all of the frustration of a month without a road win came pouring out in Wrigley Field.

It’s funny: as completely down as I can feel about this team after losses like the four they racked up in a row from Thursday-Monday all it takes is an outburst like this one for me to start thinking, “This lineup could be really good down the road.” Obviously the consistency is lacking right now, but even in this darkest of years the top of this order can be exciting from time to time. Hopefully, we’ll see this side a bit more often in the next month.

Pat Lackey

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