Game 136: Pirates 6 Astros 3

Writing about Pirates/Astros games at this point in the season is hard, because on one hand I want to say things like, "the Pirates got big performances from unlikely sources tonight with Gaby Sanchez and Alex Presley dragging the offense along behind them while Kevin Correia turned in a strong start to get the Pirates a series win that seemed a million miles away on Monday," and on the other hand all I really want to say is "thank goodness we didn't lose a series to the freaking Astros." 

As I type this it's already September 6th. September 6th will both begin and end with the Pirates 1 1/2 games out of a playoff spot. The Pirates play the Cubs this weekend, the Cardinals play the Brewers, the Dodgers play the Giants. Nothing is as impossible as it seems.

Pat Lackey

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