Game 2: Cardinals 9 Pirates 3

If Monday’s opener offered up many of the good things that the 2009 Pirates bring to the table, Tuesday’s defeat showcased most of the bad. Ian Snell was bad from the start giving up nine hits and six earned runs in four innings, walking three and striking out just two. His start tonight was everything that was wrong with him last year; he got hit hard (Pujols pounded a 400+ foot home run to go with Duncan’s homer) and he didn’t fool anyone. I honestly wasn’t sure why he was allowed back out on the mound in the fourth inning.

On top of Snell’s bad start, the Pirates only mustered five hits (just three after the first two batters of the game) and Andy LaRoche made another bad error (that’s three in two games) that lead to two unearned runs. Donnie Veal then came in to relieve Snell and started his career with the reverse Jordan Schaefer by allowing a home run to Yadier Molina on the third pitch of his career. He then struck out two batters, walked the bases loaded, and struck Chris Duncan out looking. Is there such thing as a three true outcomes pitcher?

One night after wishing I was watching the Pirates instead of a basketball game, I wanted to turn the Pirates off in the sixth inning tonight. I have a bad feeling that there are going to be more of these games this year.

Pat Lackey

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