Game 20: Brewers 6 Pirates 5

You know, I wrote a gamethread last night, and I have no idea where it went. I mean, I thought I set it live, and it’s just not there. Anyways, I promise that today is the last day for late recaps/missing gamethreads/what have you. There’s another game at 1:05 today and I’ll have a thread up at noon.

Are we really 20 games into the season already? Wow. I don’t have a lot to say about last night’s game: Paul Maholm was due for an outing like this. Besides the way he started against Florida in his start before this one, he’s really been kind of rough on the mound this year. After five starts, his walks and strikeouts are even at 12 and after last night, he’s now allowing almost a hit an inning. It’s not going to be a surprise if his ERA starts climbing.

Maholm’s start was especially disappointing in light of getting almost three pretty good innings from Jesse Chavez, Sean Burnett, and Evan Meek. Chavez tried to blow a fastball past Rickie Weeks and failed pretty badly, alloing the home run that turned out to be the difference in the game. But still, getting 2 2/3 innings from that trio and only having them give up one run isn’t bad at all. The Pirates just couldn’t do anything at all against Jorge Julio, Mitch Stetter, Todd Coffey, and Trevor Hoffman.

I know this team is going to have games like this, but man, why do they all have to be in Milwaukee?

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