Game 45: Pirates 10 Cubs 8

Sorry this recap is late; my internet went out last night just while I was trying to write it and do the Rewind for FanHouse. Not great timing.

I didn’t get home unti around 11:30 last night and I was shocked to find the Pirates still playing. Apparently, last night’s game had a little bit of everything but starting pitching. Freddy Sanchez rapped six hits and Jaramillo and Andy LaRoche added three apiece and the Pirates’ bullpen (Tom Gorzelanny, Evan Meek, Jesse Chavez, John Grabow, Matt Capps, and Sean Burnett after Capps took a liner off the elbow) held strong while the Cubs’ pen didn’t, and that was the difference. I have to run to work now, but I have lots of other stuff to post this afternoon, so stay tuned.

Pat Lackey

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