Game 5: Dodgers 4 Pirates 1

The final score of this game wasn’t so bad, but the Pirates might as well have been down 40-1 by the time it ended early this morning. No one that took the mound last night looked very sharp (notably, Bedard failed to locate the way he did in his first game and was very hittable while Evan Meek’s 93 mph fastball is fooling no one), the defense was almost universely terrible (especially Garrett Jones, who’s going to be a problem at first base, I think), and the best thing that you can say about the offense is that a few guys hit the ball hard, but had it result in outs. That’s not really helpful when the club only manages six baserunners. 

I’d say more, but I fell asleep at three different points during the game.  Hopefully the Bucs don’t have too many games like this in 2012. 

Pat Lackey

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