Game 53: Cubs 4 Pirates 1

Well, that was strange. Jeff Locke seemed to get off to a really good start, but completely unraveled as the afternoon went on and he stopped being able to find the strike zone. He gave up a run before he gave up a hit and walked seven hitters. Justin Wilson bailed him out of trouble in the sixth, but served up a three-run home run to Cody Ransom in the seventh (just the second he's allowed all year). 

This was all complicated by the Pirates being completely unable to figure Edwin Jackson out. He struck out eight Pirates in seven innings, scattering four hits and walking one. He only needed 91 pitches. Any hopes that the Pirates' offense had broken out of its slump by hammering Jeff Samardzija on Saturday pretty much dissolved on Sunday afternoon. 

Two out of three against the Cubs isn't a bad result, but it could've been better. The Giants are one of the closest teams to the Pirates on the other end of the wild card standings right now. They're coming into town on Tuesday. So is Gerrit Cole. 

Pat Lackey

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