Game 54: Astros 9 Pirates 1

This season really has been a roller coaster, hasn’t it? One day we’re sweeping the depleted Mets in blowout fashion with the Dash Brothers leading the way and the next day Mike Hampton is shutting us down for the third time while the lowly Astros are rounding the bases like the Gashouse Gorillas against Jeff Karstens.

This is the way the 2009 season is going to go, especially now that McLouth’s gone. Every game can’t be a 2-for-4 romp for McCutchen and with him and Morgan at the top of the lineup, there are going to be games where the table is empty for the middle guys. Adam LaRoche, Eric Hinske, and Delwyn Young hit 4-5-6 last and night and rapped five of our six hits, but that was only good for one run because McCutchen, Morgan, and Sanchez only reached base once last night.

Mike Hampton’s got four wins now and three have come at our expense. That’s probably the thing that irks me about last night’s game more than anything, to be honest.

Pat Lackey

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