Game 65: Pirates 12 Giants 8

On Sunday, we were worried that the Pirates' offense was never going to wake up. On Tuesday, the Pirates scored eight runs. On Wednesday, the exploded for 12 runs and 18 hits. Those 18 hits were a result of multi hit nights from Starling Marte (four singles), Jordy Mercer (three singles), Andrew McCutchen (a double and two singles), Gaby Sanchez (a double and two singles), and Neil Walker (a single and a homer). Pedro Alvarez threw in a double and Alex Presley hit his first home run of the year. 

Of course, the Pirates needed most of those runs since Francisco Liriano had a pretty uneven start and both Wilson and Watson had rough nights from the bullpen. We all figured that the bullpen was due to start giving some runs back and that the offense had to start hitting again at some point. It's nice that both things happened at the exact same time. 

The Pirates are now just one game below their season high-water mark of 14 games over .500.

Pat Lackey

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