Game 69: Rockies 5 Pirates 4

For as good as the 3-0 lead that the Pirates raced out to on the strength of Andrew McCutchen and Freddy Sanchez, I had a sense in the early innings that it was not going to be Paul Maholm’s day. It certainly was not and after the Rockies took their 5-3 lead in the fourth, the rest of the game kind of felt like a lost cause.

If nothing else, this weekend sweep at the hands of the Rockies is just more evidence tht the Pirates have a long ways to go before anyone will consider them a “good” team. On Friday, their offense was shut down by Jason Marquis. On Saturday, their bullpen melted down in miserable fashion. On Sunday, one of their better starters got blasted. Three days, three losses, three different methods. The off-day tomorrow is going to be a much-needed one.

Pat Lackey

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