Game 74: A’s 3 Pirates 2

Occasionally the Pirates find a way to lose a game that renders me entirely speechless. That happened this afternoon when they managed to squander a nice two-run comeback and Lastings Milledge’s first home run of the season with a dropped pop-up and a mind-boggling base-running mistake.

I don’t even know what else to say. Jason Jaramillo dropped a two-out pop-up in the bottom of the eighth and faster than you could say, “That one’s going to come back and haunt us,” Kurt Suzuki had taken Evan Meek deep. Then it looked like the Pirates might rally back after a Pedro Alvarez walk, but Alvarez got hit by the ball that Jose Tabata had seemingly laced into right field for a single for the last out of the game. Unreal.

Does this kind of crap happen to anybody but the Pirates?

Pat Lackey

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