Game 75: Royals 3 Pirates 2

To be honest, I don’t really have a lot of problems with losing this game the way we lost today. This was my first chance at seeing Charlie Morton pitch, and it was clear that he didn’t have his best stuff, but I thought he did a nice job making do with what he did have, changing speeds and keeping the Royals off balance. They got to him the second time through the order and that was where the runs came from, but I thought it was pretty clear that his hammy is still bugging him, so it’s hard to call this a bad outing.

As for Greinke, well, he was good, but he wasn’t great. I guess that’s been his MO for the past month or so, but we hit a few balls very hard right at people, including Andy LaRoche’s liner right back at Greinke for an easy double play and Adam LaRoche’s bomb off of the Clemente wall that Jose Guillen played perfectly to hold LaRoche to a single, which later became a caught stealing. Our best rally of the game was interrupted by the rain delay and with Soria looming, a loss seemed inevitable after we didn’t pick up a third run in that seventh inning.

All told, it was still a good series against the Royals and we still finish up with an improbable winning record in interleague play. A win today leading into the Cubs, Mets, and Marlins next week, would’ve been nice, but there’s no shame in losing to a guy like Greinke.

Pat Lackey

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