Game 79: Mets 9 Pirates 8

The Pirates’ game this afternoon was a pretty wild, but I feel like I’m obliged to start this recap off by mentioning the incredible blast from the past that is the Charlotte Knights. The White Sox affilliate was playing in Durham tonight. Starting at shortstop; Brent Lillibridge. Starting in left field; Michael Restovich. Staring at first base; Daryle Ward. I don’t need to tell you that this team lost to the Bulls tonight.

The Pirates’ game today featured one thing in common with the Bulls game tonight. There was a rain delay. Actually, there were two in the Pirates’ game, and the fact that there were two may have cost them the game. After the first rain delay, the Pirates went out, Paul Maholm got warmed up, pitched to two batters, and the tarp went back on for the second rain delay. After the second rain delay, Maholm came back out and completely hit the wall in the fourth inning, blowing the Pirates’ 5-0 lead and putting them in an 8-5 hole.

There were some good things about the game. Obviously there was Adam LaRoche’s huge homer and Garrett Jones’ near cyle (how is that big dude so fast?), but it’s also good to see Andrew McCutchen pick up a hit for the third game in a row. Hopefully he’s coming out of the first slump of his big league career. That said, it would’ve been really nice to steal a win today.

Pat Lackey

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