Game 81: Pirates 2 Brewers 1

This is how the first half of the season comes to a close: with a 2 1/2 hour rain delay that puts Charlie Morton on the shelf after just two innings and 22 pitches. With five perfect Vin Mazzaro innings in relief of Morton. With Justin Wilson, Bryan Morris, Jason Grilli, and Mark Melancon all following Mazzaro's masterful work with scoreless innings of their own. With Tony Watson dominating the Brewers over three perfect innings, striking out four hitters. With Andrew McCutchen lasering a single just over Jean Segura's glove with two outs in the eight inning to tie the game at one. With the Pirates threatening all over in the ninth and 13th innings before Gaby Sanchez and Russell Martin used seeing-eye singles in the 14th to finally put the Pirates ahead.

With the Pirates on a nine-game winning streak and a 51-30 record that is the best in baseball. 

Pat Lackey

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