Game 88: A’s 2 Pirates 1

You know this drill: Jeff Locke pitched pretty well, but the Pirates left ten guys on base tonight, include another maddening performance with runners in scoring position. The Pirates came up 11 times tonight with runners in scoring position and went 2-for-11. Both hits came in the seventh inning; a Travis Snider pinch-hit single that moved Clint Barmes from second to third, and a Jose Tabata infield single that scored Barmes. Both Andrew McCutchen and Clint Barmes lined up pitches and hit hard line drives in big situations tonight, but both resulted in outs. Coco Crisp robbed McCutchen of what could've been a two-run double in the previously mentioned seventh, while Barmes hit a line drive more or less right at Yoenis Cespedes with runners on second and third and two outs in the eighth. 

I think that "frustrating" is a good word for the last week. 

Pat Lackey

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