Game 93: Brewers 2 Pirates 0

I’m always amazed when baseball teams talk trash on each other for a day straight, question each other’s manhood, make thinly veiled threats, and then go out and play a regular old baseball game that night. It happens repeatedly and I shouldn’t be surprised when it happens, but I almost always am.

That’s what the Pirates and Brewers did tonight, though, and it was unfortunate for the Pirates because the Brewers just happened to have their kryptonite on the mound tonight; a middling starting pitcher. Braden Looper held the Pirates to just four hits, despite walking three and only striking out one, and that was enough to spoil a surprisingly solid effort from Virgil Vasquez tonight.

Of course, that’s why all the “Dave Kerwin” stuff was so funny; because it distracted us from the brutal reality that the Pirates are a baseball team that’s capable of being shut out by Braden Looper.

Pat Lackey

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