Getting AJ Burnett a win

AJ Burnett pitched one heck of a game against the Cardinals in the first end of the double-header, but the game went 11 innings and he (once again) failed to pick up a win. Pitcher wins are, of course, meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but it'd still be nice for AJ Burnett to tally a couple here and there. His strong start against the Cards was particularly nice to see, because he'd given up some runs his last two times out (though the runs were unearned, he also gave up quite a few hits).

Anyway, Burnett faces off against Juan Nicasio, who is really not very good. Winning this series against the Rockies would be a nice start to the nine-game Rockies and Marlins intermission between Cardinals' series. First pitch today is at 1:35.

Pat Lackey

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