Giving Steve Pearce a shot

Nice story about Steve Pearce from today’s PG

“Not by any stretch have we given up on Steve Pearce,” Huntington said. “Steve Pearce will continue to grow and develop for us whether it is on April 1 this year, in the middle of the summer or into the future. We still like Steve, we still believe in him and we are confident he is going to help us.”

I know the Pirates have said that Lyle Overbay is going to be the primary starter at first base, but I’m still hopeful that that’s at least partially lip-service to the newly-signed veteran and that Pearce will see a big chunk of playing time against lefties at first or in right field this year. If they’re really serious about improving the offense, just working the matchups with the players could help them out quite a bit. 

Pat Lackey

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