Here come the playoffs

Another year, another set of baseball playoffs without the Pirates. My own personal rooting interests in 2012 are, in order:

  1. A's
  2. Tigers
  3. Reds (I don't care what you say about Brandon Phillips, I like the Reds; I say the Reds being good is proof the Pirates can do it)
  4. Giants (why do my four favorite playoff teams play each other in the division series every single year?)
  5. Nationals
  6. Braves
  7. Cardinals (La Russa Legacy Hate puts them behind the Braves in the one-game playoff for me … seriously)
  8. Orioles (stupid lucky jerks)
  9. Rangers
  10. Yankees

Your mileage may vary, of course.

I'm going to be writing about the playoffs over at The Outside Corner, so keep an eye for my stuff over there. Of course, whenever I post anything there that I think you might be interested in, I'll also mention it over here. Today, I gave a rundown of MLB playoff format history and why I think the one game play-in is dumb and a bastardization of that great history. 

Pat Lackey

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