Here is a game no one will be talking about

The Pirates and Mets play again tonight, as the Pirates gun for their second straight win, which is apparently something that baseball teams are capable of doing from time to time. Jeremy Hefner is starting for the Mets. You may remember him as that guy that was on the Pirates' 40-man roster for no reason anyone could understand for two weeks this winter, then was gone. He's not very good. Jeff Locke is pitching for the Pirates. He's been decent in some of his starts this year, but he's yet to put together a really solid five or six inning performance. 

No one will be talking about this game, because Frank Coonelly announced this afternoon that he's got full confidence in Neal Huntington and his baseball ops team. I will of course work on putting together a post about that tonight. First pitch is at 7:10.

Pat Lackey

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