Hey, why not?

Even though I spent a bunch of time yesterday laying out why Jeff Locke is not a great bet to continue his early-season hot streak going forward, and even though the Tigers lineup is the sort of lineup I'd expect to give him trouble, well, hey, let's see if this hot streak can continue, shall we? 

The Pirates have made a strange habit out of losing the first game of a four game series, then storming back to win the last three games. This series is a little bit of an odd home-and-home four-game set, but a win today will mean that they've managed to do just that yet again. Doug Fister goes for the Tigers. There's not really anything in particular that points to this being a good game for the Pirates, but that hasn't really managed to stop this Pirate team yet. 

First pitch is at 7:05.

Pat Lackey

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