In which my weird post-mortem obsession with the Montreal Expos continues

pat and youppiMore or less an actual scene from the NHL All-Star Fan Fair in Raleigh on Sunday:

Friend #1: Hey! Is that a dragon? 

Me: Why is there a blue and orange dragon here?

Friend #2: I think that’s the Islanders’ mascot. 

Everyone: Hahahahahahahhahahahahah

Me: I don’t care about mascots. Unless Youppi’s here. I want a picture with Youppi. 

Friend #2: Who’s Youppi? 

Me: Whaaaa?! You know, the big orange thing that used to be the Expos’ mascot but then got adopted by the Canadiens when the Expos went away? 

Friend #1: Oh, yeah, I think I know what you’re talking about. What’s the big deal?

Kid right in front of us in line for the hardest slap shot: You mean that guy over there? Points

Me: YES! 

I duck under the rope and run towards Youppi while a confused friend follows me with his camera.  

Pat Lackey

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