Jack Wilson, Ian Snell traded to Seattle

Dejan Kovacevic reports Jack Wilson is going to Seattle. Ed Price says we’re getting Jeff Clement and that it may be a bigger, three-team deal. Stay posted.

UPDATE: Ian Snell and Jack Wilson for Clement, Ronny Cedeno, Aaron Pribanic, Brett Lorin, and Nathan Adcock, as per DK.

UPDATE AGAIN: The requisite links and snap commentary; Jeff Clement is a catcher who was one of the Mariners’ best prospects entering 2008. He’s put up some big minor league numbers, but struggled with Seattle in his half-season there last year. He’s a nice buy-low candidate that gives the Pirates some flexibility with Ryan “Glass” Doumit, especially if he starts to hit.

Lorin was ranked by John Sickels as the 18th best prospect in the Mariners system coming into the season. He’s 6’7″ and putting up some really nice numbers in the Class A Midwest league this year. He’s a bit old for the level (he’s 22 now, as a fifth round pick out of college last year), but he seems awfully projectible given his size and numbers this year.

Pribanic was their third round pick last year, and like Lorin he’s 22 and in the Midwest league. His numbers this year aren’t awful (especially before the All-Star break), but he’s probably a fringe prospect.

Adcock is 21 and in the advanced-A California League. He had a very good year last year and has slipped a bit this year, but remember that the Cali League is like Coors Field on PCP.

Ronny Cedeno sucks and is a short-term middle infield replacement for Wilson and Sanchez.

In the end, this seems like a really nice haul, depending on how Clement and the pitching prospects work out of course, for a pending free agent and a talented but frustrating pitcher who sabotaged his relationship with the organization.

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