Jason Bay to the Mets, plus links

Jason Bay is heading to the Mets on a four-year deal worth more than $65 million, plus an option that could push the deal over $80 million in a fifth year. Bay was always one of my favorite Pirates and he strikes me as an incredibly nice guy, so this seems like a tragic idea to me. Bay’s defense is declining precipitously and left field at CitiField is enormous. That’s also going to hurt his power. Given that he’s going to be 31 in 2010 and that Mets fans are going to place the weight of the world on his shoulders, I have a bad feeling that this could get ugly quickly for Bay. I hope I’m wrong.

Meanwhile there’s a good discussion today between DK at the PG and Charlie at Bucs Dugout about the current public discussion of the Pirates. I want to add something to this discussion, but I’m having trouble framing it in a way that says something different, so until I can do that I’m going to dive back into pitching prospect profiles.

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