Jeff Locke and Trevor Cahill take the mound

The Pirates are one of FOX's "National Games" this afternoon, and I hate to keep harping on this because I know it gets old, but once again the Pirates being a "National Game" is terrible news for Pirate fans, because it means that you can only legally watch the game if you live in the Pittsburgh market or a non-California NL West market. To be quite literal, the better the Pirates get, the less your subscription is worth. It's ridiculous.

Jeff Locke and Trevor Cahill are today's starters. Locke has had a rough go of it since the All-Star break. It seems like his control gets worse every time he takes the mound, and more and more balls are finding holes in the infield. He is the Pirate starter that I have the least confidence in right now, and it's not really even close. Cahill hasn't started since early June, as he's been on the disabled list with a hip problem. He wasn't very good before he was disabled, either, so hopefully the Pirates can get some runs on the board again this afternoon. 

First pitch today is at 4:05, if you're lucky enough to be able to see it.

Pat Lackey

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